Let’s skip all of the social statistics like your birth date, where you grew up and went to school, your first job and the names of all your relatives. Let’s start with knowing who you are from the inside out.

What do you like about being indoors?
What do you like about being outdoors?

What are your favorite foods and your least favorite foods?

What is your favorite thing to do and your least favorite thing to do?

What annoys you the most?
What makes you laugh?

What do you like about yourself?
What do you dislike about yourself?

Who do you like to hang-out with?
Who is always there for you, no matter what?

Do you read much? What do you like to read?

What games do you like to play? Who are your play partners?
If you don’t play games, why not?

What are the usual activities of your daily life?

Would you change any of your usual daily activities, if you could?
What would you change and why?
How does the change you’d make benefit yourself and others?

What are your favorite things in life? –favorite color, shoes, clothes, places to go, things to see, places to explore, activities, sports, and whatever else comes to mind.

How does each of the answers to these questions make you feel? -happy, sad, excited, worried, hopeful, restless, calm, irritated, and whatever other feelings come to mind.

If the answers are not making you feel good, what would you do differently to create a feeling that pleases you?

How would you go about getting to a place of feeling good about an answer to one of your life questions? What steps would you take? Hint: Choose small, easy steps.









PATIENCE is found in TRUST.








and from anyone who has lived for more than fifty or sixty years, the older the better.


The knowledge learned from elders is time tested for best results.

Those who have reached the happiness level are the best teachers.


Always trust your gut reactions and heart-felt feelings to know the truth of anything coming at you from the external world around you.

If it doesn’t feel good, opt out.

This is the wisdom of truth that we are all born with.

Allow your inner wisdom to guide you through life.

Choose thoughts and actions that make you perpetually happy.

These are the thoughts steeped in the feeling of life-supporting LOVE for

Yourself, that is nurturing and gentle,

that also includes good-will intentions toward all elements of life.

Keep on keeping on.

All humans always get unlimited chances to improve the quality of life on the

happiness path.

Dream the Impossible Dream and be happy in the pursuit of that Dream.

GRATITUDE AND APPRECIATION fuel each step of the way.

OUR INNER CHILD CONNECTION; Live Your Dreams Trusting Your Own Inner Wisdom 



How to Decide What Comes Next – Every Time

Do you know that feeling? The one when you are swirling in an ocean of confusion and discomfort, or even agitation about what comes next – what decision to make – for the best outcome. The outcome makes your heart happy and your mind relaxes. This is the outcome that brings relief from anxiety.

Know that best outcome is your best effort at that particular time and place. It may not be your all-time best performance; it is your best with what you have in understanding where you are and your current state of mind. The more at peace within, the more clearly we can think. And conversely, the more agitated within, the more confused our thinking.

Just do your best in each moment of each day,
drawing thoughts close to your heart-felt feelings for the truest guidance.

What is the question or issue in your thoughts?

Why does it matter to you?

What would your best idea of the outcome look like –in detail?

Is your best idea something that can be realized by you?
Remember: No one ever controls another person.
Trying to control another brings misery to everyone involved.
We only have charge of changing ourselves.

What are the steps you would take to have the outcome unfold in a way that brings you a sense of gratitude and appreciation?

If any particular step is really a daunting tall order, break it down into easier steps.
Working out a conundrum is not a speed contest, it is a process.

Feel free to modify your original thoughts at any time, to make your life easier.

All human beings are born with the free-will to change our minds as often as desired.
This is evolution in progress through our expansion of thoughts.

Be the cutting-edge leader in your life journey.

To change your mind is to make a change in your attitude.
This may be the answer for gaining maximum outcome results.

A change in attitude includes your thoughts and actions, your perception and feelings all flowing in a genuinely honest heart-felt direction.

A change in attitude involves a shift in thinking that comes from a change in heart-felt feelings. This is truly cutting-edge expansion of evolution in progress. Be the change.



The more often we step back from the result of an action and ask ourselves about the subtle details of the process leading to the result, the more we learn about who we really are.

Sort through the thoughts and actions of the role you played in the process. What was important to you? What made you feel good? What made you feel uncomfortable? What was a challenge? What flowed with ease with a sense of pleasure?

Was the outcome better than you had expected? If on the track of love (or just caring) with the intention of being in service to supporting life, a favorable finish is the common result.

Was the outcome a disappointment? Check closely with your intentions. Were you in a giving state of mind or feeling deserving of some reward for your role? Were you appreciative of the process? Were you feeling grateful while observing the unfolding of events? Gratitude and appreciation are highly underrated for the power of life success that they carry.

Because life is short and there is so much to experience and learn, I am challenged by being impatient with processes that, I believe, are taking too long to produce a result. They end poorly, often have to be repeated, can bring unhappiness and be costly in multiple ways. If only I had started with an attitude of being in service and support, and then allowed the processes to unfold in their natural rhythm, keeping in mind an attitude of gratitude and appreciation along the way. The results always land on the better side of “just okay,” usually finishing somewhere between pleasant and delightful, or better.

Always remember that we get more chances to learn the lesson, as many as we need, till we reach the ah-ha moment. It’s just that each repeat is usually tougher than the one before it. The quicker we can embrace the laws of life, the easier our day to day experiences.

Start with an easy goal with a short process, one that only requires your personal performance on this trial run. Remember that we can only change ourselves. We just play off of what is within our range of experience. Expand your range with practice. This is a great tool for exploring self-discovery. It’s a way of thinking through a process that may bring greater ease to your daily life experience.

Happy trials.


4-25-18 Blog

Here’s a thought to consider: Of the thousands of thoughts we each process through our mind each day, how many of them are about the nature and condition of our physical health, emotional health, and mental health? In other words, how much time each day is devoted to self care? How much time is allotted to thoughts about our overall current health condition? Is our overall health condition meeting our needs and expectations, to perform our desired activities of daily living on all levels of functioning?

These are some really tall questions to look at in a deep way. One view is to begin with how the world around us affects our health. Our earthly environment is rapidly changing as our planet becomes ever more densely populated with humanity. The need to feed the human population is squeezing out various forms of the natural environment. It’s like we humans have become an invasive species that is upsetting the balance of nature. Instead of living in harmony with nature, we are taking more than the amount that is being replenished for another season of harvest. There are so many mouths to feed, and bodies to clothe, and shelters to provide for as comfortable a lifestyle possible. This focus has generally pushed out daily thoughts of maintaining a sustainable environment. Each individual could contribute to global sustainability. And in doing so, would make a tremendous impact when all individual efforts are combined.

All of this plays into our thoughts about self-care and our personal health. The fast pace of daily living leaves little if any space in our thoughts to consider the condition of our health. Take a moment from reading and ask yourself what your idea of a healthy body, mind, and the spirit of your emotions looks like to you.

Write a list of attributes that are important to you. They may include things like being pain free physically, mentally, and emotionally, having flexible ease of movement, good muscle tone, clear, quick thinking and memory recall. Think of as many details possible for your ideal overall health. Include everything it takes for the healthy living map of your highest vision.

Include thoughts about the food and drink we consume, frequency and type of exercise, the quality of our relationships. Remember that what we consume is the fuel we run on along with daily doses of sunshine. And, without exercise our muscles cannot function. We become blubbery soft and immobile. Lacking good mental health is tied to what we eat and how physically fit we are. Our physical health plays a big role in determining how clearly and reasonably we think, and how well our memory recall serves us. This is a pretty graphic picture of what is required for overall good health.

We each know deep within our soul what is best for our self care. Lay out a plan and take one step at a time. Only do one thing differently at a time. Practice that one thing every day for thirty days and then start doing one more health-supporting thing for the next thirty days. You could do this for the rest of your life and always have something new to practice that supports and increases your healthy life style. This is your personal plan.

Well balanced good health is actually an easier and less expensive way of living than any alternative way one could think of. What do you think about all of this? Are you ready to give in to making some adjustments to your daily routine, and take a test run for a best-fit healthier and balanced lifestyle?
Live Your Dreams Trusting Your Own Inner Wisdom




3-8-18 Pic, Glimpse of Light

A good case to support the practice of being non-judgmental and forgiving is to know that we all do our best in any given moment. It may not be our personal all-time best, but it is the best that we can be in that moment. This is true for every moment of our lives.

How often does it happen that an interaction continues to haunt us? We notice ourselves internally ruminating over the words that were exchanged? Then inspiration strikes in a flash of the most excellent response, words that would have brought about a more harmonious exchange. Oh, what could have been said to create a better feeling day.

Get some relief by remembering these thoughts:
-This adventure of life is not a competition; it is a journey for celebrating each success with gratitude and appreciation.
-Have no worries over any errors. Correct each error as soon as possible with an easy process that works for you.
-Instead of holding onto the need to be right, embrace instead the desire to be kind and fair-minded.
-Remember that we can only change ourselves. Change is a personal process.
-The life gift of free-will is equal among all human beings. We each get to choose our individual life-path.
-What we express to the world is what the world sends back to us.

-Imagine this: What would you be feeling if you were the other person making the communication or action exchange toward you? How would you want to be treated?

-Think about how you would want to be talked to if on the receiving of your delivery?

-Know that we always get more chances to practice how to improve the quality of our day to day experiences.

The spark of life that keeps us waking up each day is the same spark that is always prompting us to seek new and improved life experiences.

Welcome to life on Earth. May it be a happy journey of peace and harmony for you and everyone you interact with.

Start with yourself.
Be nonjudgmental with yourself.
Be understanding with yourself.
Always forgive yourself for errors.
They are learning opportunities for you.

Errors are gifts of discovery for deeper understanding
about why you made a particular error.

Correct any error as soon as possible
and then move on with your life adventure.

Always look in the direction of where you are going.

Looking back trips your steps when going forward.

What has passed is history that no longer applies to this moment.

It is in looking forward from each moment on your life-path that new and happier experiences unfold.
Live Your Dreams Trusting Your Own Inner Wisdom


2 BLOG 2-28-18 Peaceful Lake View

Spring is in the air. A free, easy and accessible break from the stress and turmoil of daily life is at our service day in and day out. It is the simple act of being outdoors in nature. Sitting, walking, gardening, riding a bicycle, a motorcycle, running, floating in a boat, bird watching, swimming, boating, playing baseball, basketball, bad-mitten, horseshoes, volleyball, and the list goes on. Enjoy being outdoors in any way that brings you a sense of peace and happiness.
The key is to be outside soaking in sunlight, feeling the softness of air moving on your skin, and lifting then moving your hair all askew. While outside, silence your phone. Give yourself some time in silence by just observing the activities of life going on all around you. This activity gives your brain a break from processing thoughts. Yes, even our brains need a break from the work performed on our behalf.
If your thoughts keep popping into your consciousness, change them into a positive context. Take each thought that comes along and reword it into an outcome you value, one that makes you feel good inside, or brings a smile of happiness for the goodness of your reworded thought. Then, polish your new vision to even greater possibilities.
If you find yourself feeling peaceful, it’s a sign that you are on the right path. Return your focus to again silently observing the activities of life going on all around you. Learn from your observations.
Any time being outdoors is healing time for our souls and our sense of inner well-being.
Our Inner Child Connection; live your dreams trusting your own inner wisdom.