2 BLOG 2-28-18 Peaceful Lake View

Spring is in the air. A free, easy and accessible break from the stress and turmoil of daily life is at our service day in and day out. It is the simple act of being outdoors in nature. Sitting, walking, gardening, riding a bicycle, a motorcycle, running, floating in a boat, bird watching, swimming, boating, playing baseball, basketball, bad-mitten, horseshoes, volleyball, and the list goes on. Enjoy being outdoors in any way that brings you a sense of peace and happiness.
The key is to be outside soaking in sunlight, feeling the softness of air moving on your skin, and lifting then moving your hair all askew. While outside, silence your phone. Give yourself some time in silence by just observing the activities of life going on all around you. This activity gives your brain a break from processing thoughts. Yes, even our brains need a break from the work performed on our behalf.
If your thoughts keep popping into your consciousness, change them into a positive context. Take each thought that comes along and reword it into an outcome you value, one that makes you feel good inside, or brings a smile of happiness for the goodness of your reworded thought. Then, polish your new vision to even greater possibilities.
If you find yourself feeling peaceful, it’s a sign that you are on the right path. Return your focus to again silently observing the activities of life going on all around you. Learn from your observations.
Any time being outdoors is healing time for our souls and our sense of inner well-being.
Our Inner Child Connection; live your dreams trusting your own inner wisdom.


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Author of "OUR INNER CHILD CONNECTION; Live Your Dreams Trusting Your Own Inner Wisdom," Sandy Kennedy has used knowledge from her degrees in psychology and rehabilitation counseling to help people of all ages and walks of life enjoy happier lives. A life-long love for being out in nature, and the study of mostly history, science, spirituality and religions of the world has culminated into a new career of writing self-improvement and relationship publications.