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A good case to support the practice of being non-judgmental and forgiving is to know that we all do our best in any given moment. It may not be our personal all-time best, but it is the best that we can be in that moment. This is true for every moment of our lives.

How often does it happen that an interaction continues to haunt us? We notice ourselves internally ruminating over the words that were exchanged? Then inspiration strikes in a flash of the most excellent response, words that would have brought about a more harmonious exchange. Oh, what could have been said to create a better feeling day.

Get some relief by remembering these thoughts:
-This adventure of life is not a competition; it is a journey for celebrating each success with gratitude and appreciation.
-Have no worries over any errors. Correct each error as soon as possible with an easy process that works for you.
-Instead of holding onto the need to be right, embrace instead the desire to be kind and fair-minded.
-Remember that we can only change ourselves. Change is a personal process.
-The life gift of free-will is equal among all human beings. We each get to choose our individual life-path.
-What we express to the world is what the world sends back to us.

-Imagine this: What would you be feeling if you were the other person making the communication or action exchange toward you? How would you want to be treated?

-Think about how you would want to be talked to if on the receiving of your delivery?

-Know that we always get more chances to practice how to improve the quality of our day to day experiences.

The spark of life that keeps us waking up each day is the same spark that is always prompting us to seek new and improved life experiences.

Welcome to life on Earth. May it be a happy journey of peace and harmony for you and everyone you interact with.

Start with yourself.
Be nonjudgmental with yourself.
Be understanding with yourself.
Always forgive yourself for errors.
They are learning opportunities for you.

Errors are gifts of discovery for deeper understanding
about why you made a particular error.

Correct any error as soon as possible
and then move on with your life adventure.

Always look in the direction of where you are going.

Looking back trips your steps when going forward.

What has passed is history that no longer applies to this moment.

It is in looking forward from each moment on your life-path that new and happier experiences unfold.
Live Your Dreams Trusting Your Own Inner Wisdom


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Author of "OUR INNER CHILD CONNECTION; Live Your Dreams Trusting Your Own Inner Wisdom," Sandy Kennedy has used knowledge from her degrees in psychology and rehabilitation counseling to help people of all ages and walks of life enjoy happier lives. A life-long love for being out in nature, and the study of mostly history, science, spirituality and religions of the world has culminated into a new career of writing self-improvement and relationship publications.