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Here’s a thought to consider: Of the thousands of thoughts we each process through our mind each day, how many of them are about the nature and condition of our physical health, emotional health, and mental health? In other words, how much time each day is devoted to self care? How much time is allotted to thoughts about our overall current health condition? Is our overall health condition meeting our needs and expectations, to perform our desired activities of daily living on all levels of functioning?

These are some really tall questions to look at in a deep way. One view is to begin with how the world around us affects our health. Our earthly environment is rapidly changing as our planet becomes ever more densely populated with humanity. The need to feed the human population is squeezing out various forms of the natural environment. It’s like we humans have become an invasive species that is upsetting the balance of nature. Instead of living in harmony with nature, we are taking more than the amount that is being replenished for another season of harvest. There are so many mouths to feed, and bodies to clothe, and shelters to provide for as comfortable a lifestyle possible. This focus has generally pushed out daily thoughts of maintaining a sustainable environment. Each individual could contribute to global sustainability. And in doing so, would make a tremendous impact when all individual efforts are combined.

All of this plays into our thoughts about self-care and our personal health. The fast pace of daily living leaves little if any space in our thoughts to consider the condition of our health. Take a moment from reading and ask yourself what your idea of a healthy body, mind, and the spirit of your emotions looks like to you.

Write a list of attributes that are important to you. They may include things like being pain free physically, mentally, and emotionally, having flexible ease of movement, good muscle tone, clear, quick thinking and memory recall. Think of as many details possible for your ideal overall health. Include everything it takes for the healthy living map of your highest vision.

Include thoughts about the food and drink we consume, frequency and type of exercise, the quality of our relationships. Remember that what we consume is the fuel we run on along with daily doses of sunshine. And, without exercise our muscles cannot function. We become blubbery soft and immobile. Lacking good mental health is tied to what we eat and how physically fit we are. Our physical health plays a big role in determining how clearly and reasonably we think, and how well our memory recall serves us. This is a pretty graphic picture of what is required for overall good health.

We each know deep within our soul what is best for our self care. Lay out a plan and take one step at a time. Only do one thing differently at a time. Practice that one thing every day for thirty days and then start doing one more health-supporting thing for the next thirty days. You could do this for the rest of your life and always have something new to practice that supports and increases your healthy life style. This is your personal plan.

Well balanced good health is actually an easier and less expensive way of living than any alternative way one could think of. What do you think about all of this? Are you ready to give in to making some adjustments to your daily routine, and take a test run for a best-fit healthier and balanced lifestyle?
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Author of "OUR INNER CHILD CONNECTION; Live Your Dreams Trusting Your Own Inner Wisdom," Sandy Kennedy has used knowledge from her degrees in psychology and rehabilitation counseling to help people of all ages and walks of life enjoy happier lives. A life-long love for being out in nature, and the study of mostly history, science, spirituality and religions of the world has culminated into a new career of writing self-improvement and relationship publications.