The more often we step back from the result of an action and ask ourselves about the subtle details of the process leading to the result, the more we learn about who we really are.

Sort through the thoughts and actions of the role you played in the process. What was important to you? What made you feel good? What made you feel uncomfortable? What was a challenge? What flowed with ease with a sense of pleasure?

Was the outcome better than you had expected? If on the track of love (or just caring) with the intention of being in service to supporting life, a favorable finish is the common result.

Was the outcome a disappointment? Check closely with your intentions. Were you in a giving state of mind or feeling deserving of some reward for your role? Were you appreciative of the process? Were you feeling grateful while observing the unfolding of events? Gratitude and appreciation are highly underrated for the power of life success that they carry.

Because life is short and there is so much to experience and learn, I am challenged by being impatient with processes that, I believe, are taking too long to produce a result. They end poorly, often have to be repeated, can bring unhappiness and be costly in multiple ways. If only I had started with an attitude of being in service and support, and then allowed the processes to unfold in their natural rhythm, keeping in mind an attitude of gratitude and appreciation along the way. The results always land on the better side of “just okay,” usually finishing somewhere between pleasant and delightful, or better.

Always remember that we get more chances to learn the lesson, as many as we need, till we reach the ah-ha moment. It’s just that each repeat is usually tougher than the one before it. The quicker we can embrace the laws of life, the easier our day to day experiences.

Start with an easy goal with a short process, one that only requires your personal performance on this trial run. Remember that we can only change ourselves. We just play off of what is within our range of experience. Expand your range with practice. This is a great tool for exploring self-discovery. It’s a way of thinking through a process that may bring greater ease to your daily life experience.

Happy trials.


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Author of "OUR INNER CHILD CONNECTION; Live Your Dreams Trusting Your Own Inner Wisdom," Sandy Kennedy has used knowledge from her degrees in psychology and rehabilitation counseling to help people of all ages and walks of life enjoy happier lives. A life-long love for being out in nature, and the study of mostly history, science, spirituality and religions of the world has culminated into a new career of writing self-improvement and relationship publications.