How to Decide What Comes Next – Every Time

Do you know that feeling? The one when you are swirling in an ocean of confusion and discomfort, or even agitation about what comes next – what decision to make – for the best outcome. The outcome makes your heart happy and your mind relaxes. This is the outcome that brings relief from anxiety.

Know that best outcome is your best effort at that particular time and place. It may not be your all-time best performance; it is your best with what you have in understanding where you are and your current state of mind. The more at peace within, the more clearly we can think. And conversely, the more agitated within, the more confused our thinking.

Just do your best in each moment of each day,
drawing thoughts close to your heart-felt feelings for the truest guidance.

What is the question or issue in your thoughts?

Why does it matter to you?

What would your best idea of the outcome look like –in detail?

Is your best idea something that can be realized by you?
Remember: No one ever controls another person.
Trying to control another brings misery to everyone involved.
We only have charge of changing ourselves.

What are the steps you would take to have the outcome unfold in a way that brings you a sense of gratitude and appreciation?

If any particular step is really a daunting tall order, break it down into easier steps.
Working out a conundrum is not a speed contest, it is a process.

Feel free to modify your original thoughts at any time, to make your life easier.

All human beings are born with the free-will to change our minds as often as desired.
This is evolution in progress through our expansion of thoughts.

Be the cutting-edge leader in your life journey.

To change your mind is to make a change in your attitude.
This may be the answer for gaining maximum outcome results.

A change in attitude includes your thoughts and actions, your perception and feelings all flowing in a genuinely honest heart-felt direction.

A change in attitude involves a shift in thinking that comes from a change in heart-felt feelings. This is truly cutting-edge expansion of evolution in progress. Be the change.


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Author of "OUR INNER CHILD CONNECTION; Live Your Dreams Trusting Your Own Inner Wisdom," Sandy Kennedy has used knowledge from her degrees in psychology and rehabilitation counseling to help people of all ages and walks of life enjoy happier lives. A life-long love for being out in nature, and the study of mostly history, science, spirituality and religions of the world has culminated into a new career of writing self-improvement and relationship publications.